Types of Sessions & Delivery Formats

Types of Sessions

  • Individual Presentation
    • 15-20 min paper/presentation + 5-10 min Q&A
    • abstract + 500 word proposal
  • Panel/Symposium
    • 75 min for 3 or more panelists + Q&A
    • word abstract + 500 word proposal
  • Roundtable
    • 3-6 presenters have a conversation, includes Q&A
    • abstract + 500 word proposal
  • Lightning Talks
    • 4-6 presenters each with ~3-5 min presentations followed by discussion or Q&A
    • abstract + 500 word proposal
  • Pre-conference Workshop (½ day on Thursday 6/22; computer labs available)

Delivery Formats

  • In-Person Session
  • Virtual/Remote Synchronous Session
  • Virtual/Remote Asynchronous Session (e.g., “Birds of a Feather,” “Workshop in a Box,” and other virtual options)
    • In an effort to exemplify innovations in hybridity, we encourage Virtual Sessions that exhibit a number of different possible formats. In your proposal, please make sure to detail the ways that your session will engage attendees, the tools or platforms you hope to use, and the modalities you intend to engage in. As you construct your session, please consider combinations of the following possibilities from this non-exhaustive list:
      • Asynchronous, recorded presentations 
      • Synchronous presentations via Zoom
      • Synchronous, remote Q&A on a shared platform
      • In-person watch parties or Q&As
      • Asynchronous attendee engagement in the form of workshopping materials, commenting via Google Docs, etc.